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Bracelet Bay, Mumbles

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Bracelet Bay, Mumbles

Storm Barra at Bracelet Bay, near Mumbles

What a morning that was. I took my anemometer down with me and measured gusts up to 62 mph. With my Olympus OMD EM1 Mk111 in hand and with no tripod i shot images handheld at up two 2 seconds and which came out in post production tac sharp!

This shot was taken around 08:45, 1 second, 40 - 150 F2.8 Pro at F13.

Bracelet Bay for those of you who are not familiar with it is located right by the popular village of Mumbles . There are excellent pubs, bars and restaurants nearby as well and plenty of space to park during the day but not overnight at this bay.

Summer months here are incredibly busy but today I was on my own and winter months are a lot quieter.

The above two images were taken at a quarter of a second and used I.C.M. - intentional camera movement

Ive also taken many personal portfolios along this stretch of coast which is so different from shooting in a studio. Some examples of a shoot I did not so long ago. So if you want a portfolio done then just drop me a line.


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